This is me…

Hi! My name is Rich…

I’ve always wanted to write a book; unfortunately I have neither the time nor I think, the skill to do so but I do enjoy the process of writing, and have had a couple of articles published in a (very!) niche publication in the past, so I can’t be that awful at it.

So what’s a guy supposed to do? Well, a blog was an option so thats what I’ve done.

And having found yourself here, what can you expect? A blog is somewhere to write about stuff that one finds interesting, or has an opinion on, and with the blog name I’ve chosen you’ll not be surprised to find that I like transport, so taking that as starting point:

  • I love aviation, I love cars and driving,  I like a train ride, I like boats
  • London is home and I love it! A city without peer! (except, perhaps New York City – there’s not much in it!)
  • I love to travel – from where I live, by car it’s possible to leave home in the morning and be in Holland by lunchtime, having stopped for a coffee in Belgium on the way. I love the States, I plan to spend time in Canada, see more of Europe, revisit Australia and would very much like to explore the cities of South America
  • I love photography  – I use a Nikon D5100 and an iPhone 5s, and I often post on Instagram and/or Twitter
  • I love to read, usually Science Fiction of some description (lately I have been engrossed in Hugh Howey’s ‘Wool‘ trilogy)
  • I love music; from rock to classical, Jazz to brass bands – and many points between
  • I love trombones! These days I play bass trombone (A Rath R9), although I played tenor trombone for many years. See this article on my page for a bit more on trombones. Also see here.
  • I love Mac computers and Apple products (a big fan of iPhone 5S and Apple TV)

I am married with two nearly grown up daughters, and we have a dog (see my blog on how that came about!) I’m a member of The Salvation Army, where I also play in the band.

Perhaps you’ll find something to pique your interest here; if so I  hope you can come back regularly. Perhaps even sign up for notifications to let you know when I publish something?

Thanks for visiting!

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