Gilmore Girls Actor Edward Herrmann Dies at 71

The Emmy-winning actor played Richard Gilmore on the show

Being something of a closet fan of The Gilmore Girls, I was very sorry to read of the passing of Edward Herrman. My wife and I were only talking about him the other day when he appeared as a lawyer in The Good Wife (we’re catching up a few years late via Netflix!).
He was one of those actors who popped up from time to time and was always watchable. RIP Richard Gilmore!

TIME Remembers the Artists Who Died in 2014

I always feel a little melancholy at the changing of a year; perhaps this is why? The feeling of time marching relentlessly on does it to me every time!
Hey ho! That’s the way it goes.
Anyway, some good words written about interesting people by interesting people…
Happy New Year!

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Birthday Message to Sir Isaac Newton Makes Big Bang on Twitter

I really need to get up and start the day! But I keep finding interesting posts!
Why do people get so upset about this stuff? Seems perfectly reasonable to me to mention the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton (I didn’t realise his birthday was Dec 25th).
I’m a Christian and celebrate Christmas (obvs!) but in no way am I offended…

The Hobbit: Billy Boyd Sings His “Last Goodbye” to Middle Earth in New Music Video

I’m a fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and this song is a lovely way to round off the series…


Billy Boyd, known best for portraying Peregrin “Pippin” Took in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is also an accomplished musician. To pay his respects to the series, and say goodbye one last time to Middle Earth, he’s crafted a touching song titled “The Last Goodbye.” Watch the nostalgic music video below.

Speaking to EW, Boyd had this to say about his song:

“After seeing the film, I went to my room and I started to put down some ideas, and along with Fran and Philippa, we started to sculpt the song we thought the movie needed… A lot of ideas took us to dead ends or we found the tone wasn’t just right. I think we discovered very quickly this wasn’t just a song to end The Battle of the Five Armies—it was a song to say goodbye to Middle-earth.”

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Blog views

I’ve been blogging for about a month, and I really enjoy writing and the discipline it takes to sit down to start it. I have also really enjoyed the feedback I’ve received so far from those who have read my blogs. Some very nice things have been said about this blog, and articles reposted by friends with hundreds of Facebook or Twitter contacts, generating lots of activity.

The only problem now is, I’ve become a bit obsessed with the number of views I get! I liked what I saw when I watched the numbers climb, after one friend re-posted Trooping the Colour on an armed forces website!

I was a little bit like this with Facebook and Twitter when I first started using those. It’s not all about the numbers, I keep telling myself, as I wonder how it is that I have 400+ Twitter followers, and my daughter has a thousand! How? What’s different?

Ultimately of course, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. I write because I enjoy doing so, and find it stimulating to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s not tip top quality, although I’d like it to be. For me, if I write something, and someone else comes across it and gets something from it, I’m happy with that.

So whilst I try not to make it about the views or the number of followers my blog has (and I’m grateful to my 10 followers for doing so!), I can’t help but get a slight buzz when I hit ‘Publish‘ as I wait to see what happens next (or not). Here goes…

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 21.09.17

I blame WordPress for the amazing analytics tools they provide!


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The Wedding Band – Music for a Joyful Occasion!

Today is a very happy day; the wedding of a couple from our church, Jess and Cam. A joyful occasion it is going to be! My family are beside themselves with excitement, and my daughters, who have not really had the chance yet to glam up for a wedding look unbelievably beautiful, so much so, that I wonder how they can be mine? Their mothers genes I guess…

Today, my role is as a member of the Wedding Band. I’ve done a few of these over the years, and always love the opportunity to play in a smaller than usual group, either as a brass ensemble, or just a small band. Always fun.

Todays challenge then, is to try and get bass trombone chops, to work on a tenor trombone. We had a rehearsal last night, which was great, but I learned two things:

  1. Sitting to the left of the bass trombone is loud! Sorry to those who normally sit next to me, but in the nicest possible way, tough! I Love it!
  2. As a bass trombone player, picking up a tenor trombone only 3 days before the wedding band gig, is not a good idea, certainly on only 2 or 3 minutes blowing a day!

Still, having done some warm ups earlier and re-lubed the slide, I might get away with it!

So, we’re really looking forward to a great day celebrating Jess and Cam’s special day, enjoying the fun and festivities of the occasion, and finishing off, no doubt with tired legs and tired ‘trombone’ chops!

Most of all though, wishing Jess & Cameron a fantastic day today, and a long, happy and blessed life together!


Best wishes and love from all of us!



Update 12.20am: A really lovely day today…the band was great to play in so thought I’d add a picture of us.



Geek corner:

Trombones mentioned are, Rath R9 bass trombone, and Conn 8H tenor.

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