Aviation Addiction

I love aviation…verging on, but not quite a full fledged nerd actually. My wife is concerned now, because she saw me hanging around at Biggin Hill airport talking to some plane spotters, and she initially mistook me for one of their number. Well, that’s not that far from the truth of it really.

I love aeroplanes; their shape, the noise, the smell of the fumes. There is something exciting to me about them; the possibility of adventure is somehow tied up in them and just seeing them quickens the pulse a little. More than that though, I think they look beautiful, so I like to take pictures of them too!

This page is going to be dedicated to my favourites and I’ll try and update it periodically.

I hope you enjoy them!

IMG_1841 - Version 2

I took this from a British Airways 777 on the approach to JFK in November 2013. The sun is setting over Jamaica Bay.

Emirates Airbus A380 landing at Heathrow on a hot day in July


Surely one of the most beautiful aircraft flying today – Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with that beautiful wing sweep landing at Heathrow in July (shortly after the Airbus above!). This one is from United Airlines.


Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 climbing out of Heathrow.


This, like the last picture was taken from Runnymede Pleasure Ground, not far from Heathrow. British Airways Boeing 747-400


Taken from my back garden, in the Kent corner of south east London, a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400.


An ‘Instagramed’ shot I took of a Vista Jet Bombardier Challenger 650 biz jet landing at Biggin Hill airport in June.


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