Nashville Live In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall – Review

I went to see this show last Sunday. My wife and daughter wanted to go and I thought I’d tag along. The music in the show (which I don’t watch very often) is always of a high quality so it wasn’t much of a sacrifice!
As it happens, it turned out to be a fantastic concert; the band were phenomenal, but the surprise, perhaps unfairly, was just how good these ‘TV’ stars were live. I mean really, properly good.
I’d go and see these guys again in a heartbeat. Brilliant.

Building Our Own Nashville

Often you may find yourselves skeptical that television actors can sing live as well as they do in the TV show they are on. Questions of whether they are auto tuned or have other studio help to make them sound as good as they do on the show. In the past, shows such as Glee have proven that real singers with amazing voices play those television roles by taking the show on tour to perform the songs featured on the show. Nashville is no different, these actors are not just real, talented musicians but also very gifted songwriters and performers.

Having done live music television shows alongside the earlier seasons, Nashville has also, like Glee, taken their actors on tour to showcase their musical ability in a live setting.

Last year was the first tour for Nashville in the UK. We were treated with Charles Esten (Deacon), Sam Palladio (…

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