Looking behind the Brexit anger

Very interesting analysis about the anger surrounding the Brexit vote..lots of food for thought here.

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Was the referendum result the revenge of the ‘left-behind’ voters? Not the most recently left-behind, says the Resolution Foundation’s Torsten Bell. Those areas that have experienced the sharpest fall in income since EU enlargement might have been expected to vote most strongly for Brexit but, as Torsten shows, “there is no relationship between how an area’s prosperity changed in recent years and how they voted.”

There is, though, a clear relationship between those areas with low earnings and high proportions of votes for Brexit.


You get a similar picture if you look at the 2002 earnings figures, says Torsten, which suggests you have to look back further to understand what is going on. As Will Davies of Goldsmiths puts it, the geography reflects the crisis of the 1970s and 80s not the 2010s:

It is easy to focus on the recent history of Tory-led austerity when analysing this, as if anger towards…

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Why I’m voting to remain in the EU — Never Cruel Nor Cowardly

I’ve been absent from these pages for too long. I need to get some blogging mojo back, but of late the EU Referendum has been driving me nuts and whilst I’d like to get on with blogging again, there is only one subject in my head! It’s driving me (and my wife) up the wall!

I’ve read a lot of stuff on the subject, and managed to find some good independent sites to check facts against. I also came across this article, which I found to be an interesting analysis, and whilst I don’t agree with everything he says, it makes, for me,  a very compelling argument to remain in the EU. It might also have driven me towards the Liberal Democrats…#unexpected!

I am going to explain in this post why I think a vote to remain in the European Union is the only responsible choice. I’m not going to link to sources as it would take far too long, and anyway I want it to be clear that this is my own view, based on everything […]

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